Arrête pas la musique!: Portraits of South Louisiana


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Author: Emile Waagenaar, Ann Savoy
Hardcover: 126 pages
ISBN: 978-1946160058

From the Introduction:

I first stood on Louisiana soil in Lafayette during May of 1982. There, I found myself standing at the crossroads of another culture. Shortly after, I heard about a Clifton Chenier gig scheduled for the next day at the Grant Street Dancehall. Clifton was very ill and could not perform that night, so Rockin Dopsie filled in. That evening someone gave me Ambrose Thibodeaux s name and address written on a paper napkin. This is how it went every trip I took acquiring names of musicians scribbled on little pieces of paper or cardboard beer coasters…

This is my story how I discovered Cajun music and its musicians. Several times I went back; time and again I was surprised by the cultural endurance of this relatively small group of people. Both old and young keep their history alive through a simple bond the culture, the language, and the songs of their ancestors… This is not a historical document about these people and their music, and it is far from complete when it comes to even musicians. These images instead record my journey into a culture that continually captivates me.