Evangeline: Paradise Stolen


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Author: M. M. LeBlanc
Perfect Paperback: 560 pages
ISBN: 978-0983600831

6 BOOK AWARDS! “MUST-READ”. NEW COPIES OF THIS BOOK ARE ONLY SOLD BY BIZ/CARE PUBLISHERS. Any others are used. This is the exciting TRUE historical saga of adventure, love and courage against all odds, contrasting 17th century Versailles French glamour and political intrigue with English rule and sabotage in Nova Scotia, formerly French Acadia. Star-crossed lovers Evangeline and Gabriel are to marry, but two events alter their lives forever — the murder of a British officer and the imprisonment of Gabriel for treason as the Acadian resistance leader. When English King George II orders the Acadian exile to destinations unknown, Evangeline must choose between life without her love and possible death by defying British orders to join Gabriel. As pawns in a game of politics, murder and espionage, will Evangeline’s and Gabriel’s faith and passion overcome threats to their very survival, or will their paradise be stolen?