`T Pousette et `T Poulette: A Cajun Hansel and Gretel (Cajun Tall Tales)


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Deep in the heart of the Louisiana swamp, there lives a poor fur trapper, his second wife, and his twins. The stepmother has a plan to leave the children in the swamp to ease the family’s financial problems. See how the Cajun Hansel and Gretel outsmart her plan and escape from the witch who lures them into her cottage.

About the Author
Sheila Hébert-Collins, a school teacher, has a passion for children’s literature and enormous pride in her Cajun heritage. She credits her students with helping her to become a better storyteller. She is listed on the Louisiana State Artist Roster as an author and Cajun storyteller, and often makes appearances in schools throughout the state. She also has written Cendrillon: A Cajun CinderellaJolie Blonde and the Three HébertsLes Trois Cochons and Petite Rouge: A Cajun Twist to an Old Tale, all published by Pelican.

About the Illustrator
Award-winning illustrator Patrick Soper has joined Collins for their fourth collaboration in ’T Pousette et ’T Poulette. He has illustrated Cendrillon: A Cajun CinderellaCajun Folktales, Contes Populaires CadiensMardi Gras in the Country, and A Christmas Dictionary, all published by Pelican.

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Sheila Hébert-Collins


Patrick Soper


32 pages








Pelican; Illustrated edition (February 28, 2001)