The Acadian Miracle


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53rd Anniversary Edition with Index

Author: M. M. LeBlanc
Hardcover: 402 pages
ISBN: 978-1947471030

Exceptional book on Acadian History, Genealogy and the Acadian Deportation, as well as the History of the Cajuns. This is the 53rd Anniversary Edition of the original book by Senator Dudley J. Le Blanc, revised and rewritten with new materials, charts and tables of Acadian Exiles, Deportation Ships, Bibliography, Index of Acadian names, Endnotes and more by his granddaughter award-winning author M. M. Le Blanc. A must-have for every lover of history, genealogist and historian, whether amateur or professional. In hardback with a gold foil stamped cover and spine, this is a legacy book to hand down through the generations or to grace a library with information on American history.