The Unhuggables


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by Kena Sosa (Author), Alexis Braud (Illustrator)

Oliver is upset–very upset–and nothing his mother says makes him feel better. When she tries to give him a comforting hug, he rolls up into a tight ball like an armadillo and won’t let his mother near. She tries to coax him out of his huddle but then his claws come out. Oliver pretends to be one ferocious animal after another–none of them very good at giving hugs. But it is hard work saying no to a mother’s love. Through creativity, patience, andaffection (as well as a healthy dose of humor), Oliver’s mother finds away to get through his imaginative defenses and give him the best hug ever.

Author Kena Sosa captures the delicate dance between mother and child in this fun story about love and the power of hugs. The charming and humorous illustrations of AlexisBraud bring to life the imagination of a child and touchingly depict how hugs can soothe even the most savage beast.

ISBN-13: 1941879122