Three Wishes for Maddy


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by Rosemary Smith

“Maddy Wilson’s father left a big hole in her life when he passed away. The twelve-year-old and her mom struggle to make a new life without him, but both are having a tough time. Three Wishes for Maddy is her very special story. Just as the school year ends, Maddy’s mom is offered a job as librarian for the next term. She wants the job very much, even though it means leaving Maddy in her Grandy’s care for the summer. Maddy’s grandmother is very sweet, but seems to have “eyes in the back of her head,” so Maddy imagines a very long and boring summer. It doesn’t turn out that way! Grandy has thought up all kinds of fun ways to keep them busy. On one of their jaunts, Maddy finds a treasure in a small glass bottle. After she gets the bottle home, she discovers a bigger treasure … a genie lives inside! Harjime the Genie gives Maddy three wishes. Although she tries to make a serious wish list, Maddy ends up using two of her wishes for other things. What will Maddy wish for with her third wish? What would you wish for? Novelist and children’s author Rosemary Smith says, “I always want a happy ending.” She lives in Louisiana, “the land of magnolia blossoms, fresh seafood and warm winters.”

Paperback: 48 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1612047980