Tiny Bones


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by Rosemary Smith

Do you believe in ghosts? Charlie and Melanie Rivers would have probably said they didn’t, if they’d been asked. When they fell in love with an old house outside the gates of Ft. Rucker, an Army base in south Alabama, they discovered the previous owner was still hanging around.Eloise Bledsoe, the lonely daughter of Whittington Plantation’s Farm Manager, had died after giving birth in 1872 and was still searching for information about her bi-racial child in 1972. She watched throughout the remodeling of the house and even asked for their help. Charlie and Mel wanted to help her but didn’t know how to begin until Melanie made a visit to the local library to talk to the librarian, Mrs. Griggs.Eloise was shocked to find that after a hundred years, racial tension was still a problem.

Paperback: 220 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1629012018