When I Was an Alligator


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Follow a curious Cajun kid as she magically and mysteriously transforms into a series of wetlands creatures, including a tree frog, a heron, a catfish, and even a mosquito! Along the way, each animal reveals something of its habits and habitat. With fun language, page-turning onomatopoeia, and charming art, When I Was an Alligator is a playful and informative exploration of Louisiana s treasured coastal wetlands.

About the Authors

Gayle Webre holds a Master’s + 30 from the University of Southwestern Louisiana and has worked in elementary education for twenty-five years, primarily designing and implementing enrichment curricula for gifted children. She generally lives with her nose in a book or talking about books she’s read. You might also find her writing, hosting gatherings for family and friends, playing with her grandchildren, or riding her tricycle. (Yep!)

Drew Beech is a children’s illustrator newly based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. As a southern Louisiana native, her creativity thrives on the richness of her home state—the soft pastels and gritty textures of the French Quarter; the depth of flavors in a bowl of gumbo; the magic thrum of insects in the oaks. Drew is an alumna of the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, and in her free time enjoys rock climbing, losing herself in books, collecting house plants, camping, biking, and hiking. Her greatest adventure, however, has been parenting and growing alongside her six-year-old daughter.

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Gayle Webre


Drew Beech


36 pages






University of Louisiana at Lafayette Press


October 1, 2020