No Earthly Boundaries


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by Rosemary Smith

Jean Marc Thibodaux came home from WWII with plans to marry his sweetheart, Amy Benoit, and slip back into the life that he remembered. But time did not stand still in Cajun Butte La Rose, Louisiana, while he was away. His girl married someone else and even the swamp was changing. It was becoming more difficult to make a living by fishing, hunting, and trapping. While trying to build a new life for himself, he encountered a childhood friend who became his true love and met a man from another part of the universe. Sacam, the explorer, was a pale little man in a silver suit who visited Earth often to collect samples and to learn. Their brief friendship taught Jean Marc that love, thirst for knowledge and respect for the Creator have No Earthly Boundaries.

Paperback: 238 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1592996582