Your wedding is your very special day, and we want to be an important part of it. Brides and grooms, make your way to the New Hope Chapel by crossing the bridge over the rambling bayou, surrounded by the 19th century village. Rustic views and plenty of culture surround you as you celebrate your Southwestern Louisiana wedding.

Whether you want to begin your union in our Chapel, Pavilion, Stutes Store, or one of our scenic outdoor locations, LARC's Acadian Village has that "something" that will help you create the day you have always imagined.

Please fill out our Special Event Rental Form to request a date for your wedding. To schedule a consultation to view our venues or to schedule a contract signing, please schedule an appointment by calling Courtney Laviolette at 337.504.5365 or by email at

Wedding Packages

Stutes Ensemble

(Up to 150 guests for reception venue. )
$400 Deposit Required

$2500 (Jan 1-Nov 30)
This package includes:
Wedding Ceremony (Chapel or outdoor), Rehearsal, 4-Hour Reception in Stutes Store, 4-Hour Bridal Suite Rental, & Location Rental for Photo Shoot in Village for bridal portraits

$2700(Dec 1-Dec 23 Only)
Package includes all items listed above & complimentary admission for all guests to attend Noel Acadien au Village

Pavilion Ensemble

(140 guests+ at reception venue) Pavilion can accomodate seating for 140+ guests. Size of pavilion is 8,000 square feet. Acadian Village has 24 picnic tables with approximately 60 benches. (Extra tables and chairs would need to be provided by customer for additional seating.)

$2,800 + $400 Deposit
This package includes:
Wedding Ceremony (Chapel or outdoor), Rehearsal, 4-Hour Reception in Pavilion, 4-Hour Bridal Suite Rental, & Location Rental for Photo Shoot in Village for bridal portraits.

*Please note: The pavilion is not available for rent in the month of December due to Noel Acadien au Village

*Maximum number of guests at this rental rate is 250. Price increases by $500 for each increment of 100 people.

Individual Venue Rentals:

New Hope Chapel: $600+ $200 Deposit. Chapel comfortably holds 84 people.

Stutes Store Reception Hall: $1500 + $400 Deposit (Jan 1-Nov 30)

Stutes Store Reception Hall: $1800* + $400 Deposit (Dec 1-Dec 23, 2016)

*Does not include admission for guests to attend Noel Acadien au Village. Tickets are sold in bulk for $6 each.

Pavilion: $1800 + $400 Deposit (Jan-Oct). *Maximum number of guests at this rental rate is 200. Price increases by $500 for each increment of 100 people. *Please call for Crawfish Boil rates.

Standard Bridal Suite: $100/hour

Log Cabin: $150/hour

Village Rental (including Chapel and both reception venues January 1-October 31):
$6000 + $1000 Deposit

Please note: The pavilion is not available for rent in the month of November or December due to Noel Acadien au Village.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is on-site catering available?

On-site catering is not offered at Acadian Village. You are encouraged to use your preferred caterer or self-cater for the reception.

Q: Does the rental include tables, chairs, linens, and decorations?

The Stutes Store rental includes 10 5ft. round tables with 8 chairs each, for a total seating count of 80 guests (maximum occupancy is 150 for the building). Extra tables for catering setup, cake display, gifts, photos, guestbook, and other items are available. We provide 4 6ft. oblong tables, 1 4ft. oblong table, and 2 8ft. oblong table. The Stutes also features a large kitchen with appliances, separate bar area, and charming front patio.

The Pavilion rental includes 25 picnic-style tables with matching benches for seating up to 120 guests. The tables are not required for use. Clients are encouraged to rent tables and chairs if they wish. These tables may also be used for catering and other setup. The Pavilion features an open-air view of the Village, a large stage ideal for a band, and plenty of space for a dance floor, photo booth, photo/guestbook display, and more. With additional tables and chairs, the pavilion has capacity to seat over 350 people.

Linens and decorations are not provided by Acadian Village and are the responsibility of the renter.

Q: How much setup/clean-up time will I have before/after the wedding?

You are allowed 4 hours prior to the ceremony to set up in the reception facility and 1 hour prior to the ceremony to set up in the Chapel. Extra setup time may be purchased, subject to availability. You will have 30 minutes after the reception ends to clean up and clear out any personal items brought in for the reception.

Q: What am I responsible for with the rental? Will I need to clean up the facility?

You are responsible for all personal items including decorations, catering supplies, beverages, entertainment, linens, etc. An event attendant will be on-site during the entire event to assist with requests, tend the restrooms, empty waste baskets/bins, sweep/mop, and break down tables and chairs.

Q: Are there any rules and regulations I need to know?

We do not allow glass beer bottles on site. Wine and champagne bottles and canned beer are acceptable. Also, open flame is prohibited in the Village. Candles are allowed on the grounds for decorative purposes; however, they must be used with a votive, lantern, vase, or other protective container in which the open flame is not exposed.

Decorations such as confetti, glitter, artificial rose/flower petals, sparklers, tiki torches and mini-hot air balloons are prohibited from the venue. Other restrictions apply. Renter will be provided with list of regulations upon contract signing.

Q: May I choose the ceremony start time?

You may choose the time of your ceremony, depending on availability. You will have 1 hour for the ceremony, followed by a 4-hour reception (with a package). Stutes Ensembles are required to book no later than 5pm on a Friday and/or Saturday to allow time for a pavilion rental to take place. (Weddings are not scheduled simultaneously with pavilion events due to noise factor.)

Q: Can I have a Catholic wedding in the chapel?

The chapel is not a consecrated Catholic building of worship and therefore, is not recognized as a commissioned building by the Catholic diocese to conduct a Catholic ceremony. The New Hope Chapel is a non-denominational building.

Q: Is the chapel climate controlled?

Yes, unlike the days of original Acadian chapel, this building is climate controlled with central air conditioning and heat.

Q: What do I need to do to reserve my wedding date?

We require a $400 refundable deposit ($200 deposit for chapel rental only) and signing of a contract to secure the date. The balance will be due at least 90 days prior to the wedding. Payment of balance can be paid in installments. As long as no damage is caused in our facilities on the day of the wedding, you will receive the deposit by mail 2-3 weeks after the wedding. Please note that if you cancel the event, we will keep 100% of the deposit. Any portion of the balance paid can be refunded upon cancellation if notification is sent to the Administrative Staff at least 90 days prior to the event. If cancellation occurs within the 90 day timeframe, deposit and balance will be kept by Acadian Village.

Q: Do you have a preferred vendors list available?

We do provide our Preferred Vendors list to clients upon request at the time of contract signing. Our list includes caterers, wedding planners, musicians, ministers/justices of the peace, photographers, florists, and other local vendors.

Q: Can I schedule a walk-thru to view the venues I am interested in renting?

Absolutely! Our staff will be more than happy to schedule an appointment for you to take a tour of the venues that we have to offer.

Q: I am planning a site visit at the village. Is there anything I should bring with me?

Yes, on possible rainy days, please bring an umbrella and wear shoes (preferably boots) that can be resistant to water. On sunny days, we recommend wearing comfortable walking shoes. The distance between the log cabin, pavilion and Stutes is quite far so we do not recommend wearing high heels. In the summer months, it can be rather hot from 11am-3pm so try to visit either at 10am or after 3pm. If you have a wedding planner, close friend or someone who will be making the wedding decisions with you, please feel free to bring them along to your site visit. Bring your camera or cell phone to photograph the venues that you are interested in renting in case they are not able to attend. Please note at this time we do not offer guided walkthroughs of our rentals, you are welcome to visit any time during our operating hours Monday through Saturday from 10am-4pm. If there are events scheduled, some rentals may not be available for viewing. We encourage you to call ahead to ensure all rentals will be available for viewing.

Q: I would like to proceed with booking my event. Can I just drop by the village and sign the paperwork?

So that our staff can give you their complete and undivided attention, we request for consultations to be scheduled in advance. You may book your appointment with Erin Shedlof, Operations Manager /

Saturday consultations can be scheduled on a based-on-availability basis. Please note consultations are scheduled only after you have made your site visit.